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More trouble in blockchain-land

By any measure, R3 was supposed to be one of the surest of the enterprise blockchain consortium bets. Headed by financial-platform industry veteran David Rutter, of ICAP and Prebon Yamane heritage, it was one of the earliest of the blockchain projects to pull in serious backing from the banking community. And yet, just as Digital Asset is also finding out, it turns out that attracting funding for blockchain-based development is far easier than delivering an actual viable and usable product to market. The rollout of the company’s flagship “Corda Enterprise” system has allegedly been plagued by delays, frustrating insiders. But, according to The Block's Isabel Woodford on Wednesday, the discontent might be much more far reaching than just that:Sources close to blockchain giant R3 say its

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By any measure, R3 was supposed to be one of the surest of the enterprise blockchain...

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