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When bitcoin bros talk hard news

The crypto bros are a smart bunch. They know a thing or two about cryptography; they know how money is moved electronically across the world; and they know more than most about multiple interlocking positive feedback loops. But more than anything else, they know how to spin a “this is good for crypto” story when they see one. In our inbox this week, for example, an email with the subject line: “BoJo helps Bitcoin rediscover its mojo”, in which we’re presented with some incisive commentary from Nicholas Gregory, CEO of crypto outfit CommerceBlock, in the form of a list of short, punchy, copy-and-pastable, already-quotation-marked remarks. We prefer using quotations that we’ve got from actual conversations, so we imagine that we are in conversation with Mr Gregory. “It’s no coincidence that

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The crypto bros are a smart bunch. They know a thing or two about

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