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Snap AV: China’s fake goods fabrication

The trade war is heating up. On Monday, China announced it would raise tariffs on bn worth of US goods, following similar measures by the Trump administration Friday. Markets have puked. At pixel, the S&P 500 is off 1.75 per cent, to 2,831.China's ascension to the WTO in 2001, as economists such as David Autor have noted, played a role in the collapse of American manufacturing which saw the loss of thousands of jobs across the mid western states. Trump, having ridden a wave of discontent at the collapse of these once well-paid blue-collar jobs, is now attempting to retaliate.However China's role as a creator of knock-off goods, and how it has affected the brand equity of many Western businesses, is less discussed. Perhaps as it's hard to quantify versus, say, job losses. Or perhaps as

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The trade war is heating up. On Monday, China announced it would

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