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ARK Invest’s Tesla model gathers dust

In early June, Alphaville had a look at ETF-provider ARK Invest’s Tesla model which, in the spirit of transparency, the firm had open sourced on the internet.For those of you not familiar with the business, ARK manages around bn of assets, investing in companies that it believes are involved in “disruptive innovation”. Tesla is one its largest holdings across its various funds. To nobody’s surprise, it also has a penchant for all things blockchain.The Tesla spreadsheet, it seems, was posted as a means of justifying the firm’s ,000 price target on the electric car company’s stock. A valuation, we should add, that had allowed ARK to become a go-to on financial news whenever the business was grabbing the headlines. In turn, helping it to market its retail products.ARK Invest told us at

FT Alphaville considers the following as important:

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In early June, Alphaville

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