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Anatomy of a malware scam

Last summer, Alphaville fell victim to a scam.We know this is what they all say, but honestly - it wasn’t our fault. The scam was the result of undetectable malware which signed us up for a “games service” via our Vodafone phone contract, and extracted cash from our bank account over several months in the process.This was a small and briefly infuriating episode which we had largely forgotten about until the PSA Authority, a telecoms regulator who we speculatively complained to last year, recently emailed us with the news that the company providing the service had been fined.The scam cost us about £27 in total, which we eventually recouped through refunds. But it also hit tens of thousands of other people. And the overall experience provides a glimpse, in an age of internet transactions, of

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Last summer, Alphaville fell victim to a scam.

We know this is what they all say, but...

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