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Special edition, Monday, 5th February, 2018

8:18 pm AS8:18pmHello everyone. Anything happening in markets? Hinkley Wheeeeeeee AS8:19pmhi Hinkley, we've decided to start up an emergency edition of ML AAAA Bonsoir ! BE8:20pmTinhat Joseph Cotterill, FT ARE MY DOGECOIN OK AAAA ça change ! 8:20 pm BE8:20pmAwfully long time we've had to use the tin hat in earnest. AS8:20pmMust admit, I had been lulled into complacency by a VIX at like... 7 BE8:21pmWell, 50 Cent's going to be happy. 8:21 pm BE8:21pm(The Vix one, not the other one.) BE8:22pmWhat's the damage currently, Alex? kim BTC is also on a dive. Is that

Alexandra Scaggs considers the following as important:

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Alexandra Scaggs
Alexandra Scaggs is a markets reporter for the Wall Street Journal in New York. She writes about the U.S. stock market and investment trends. She also covers the business of markets research, writing on the calls, personalities and moves of high-profile analysts and strategists. Ms. Scaggs graduated from Washington & Lee University with a degree in business journalism.

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