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Alpha agenda, the new Cold War edition

For the discerning Alphavillain… You can find this week’s full calendar here. As well as key corporate events, it features: Pop-up art school at MoMA PS1!; Trump’s State of the Union address; Mean Girls brunch; big-tech earnings; and Americana in London.On the agenda: sanctionsThere has been plenty of discussion about the new Russian oligarch list expected from the US Treasury this week (despite the fact that “oligarch” may not have a legal definition).What’s more interesting is that a report on the implications of Russian sovereign-debt sanctions is on the docket as well, and is expected by the end of January.Notably, lawmakers have demanded “a report describing in detail the potential effects of expanding sanctions … to include sovereign debt and the full range of derivative products.”

Alexandra Scaggs considers the following as important:

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For the discerning Alphavillain…

You can find this week’s

Alexandra Scaggs
Alexandra Scaggs is a markets reporter for the Wall Street Journal in New York. She writes about the U.S. stock market and investment trends. She also covers the business of markets research, writing on the calls, personalities and moves of high-profile analysts and strategists. Ms. Scaggs graduated from Washington & Lee University with a degree in business journalism.

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