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Markets Live: Friday, 23rd February, 2018

11:03 am PM11:03amHiya rwl Hi Soundbuy Morning Otter Hello online chums PM11:03amWelcome to Markets Live PM11:03amAt 11.03 11:03 am PM11:03amIt's like it was back in the Neil Hume days Soundbuy Cracking call yesterday........ Are we there yet I'm nearly first PM11:03amNew regime like the old regime PM11:03amNo discipline 11:03 am PM11:04amNot like when I was running things PM11:04amWhere do we start? PM11:04amI haven't got a pick cos was distracted reading Henry Mance 11:04 am PM11:05amActually, be interested in people's thoughts on this

Paul Murphy considers the following as important:

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