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Thoughts for the weekend

PUTIN: Bone sawwwwwwww waddup MBS: Humbled!!!! You were having journalists killed while I was in school! Kinda can't believe this is happening bro— Spencer Ackerman (@attackerman) November 30, 2018As UK GDP data begins in 1948 I've now confirmed that between 1948 & 1972 when we joined the EC, growth amounted to 118%. From 1993 to 2017, following completion of the single market, growth was just 69% In other words, growth inside the EU was 41% lower than before we joined.— John Redwood (@johnredwood) November 29, 2018¯_(ツ)_/¯Further: "The remuneration model for McKinsey was based on modelled hypothetical cost savings that were attributed to McKinsey's intervention by McKinsey itself."— Joseph Cotterill (@jsphctrl) November 28, 20186’4”.

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