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What crowdfunding is really about

Imagine you’re a small, fast-growing business. You attract £20m from a single, institutional investor. Suddenly, there’s a public relations crisis. You hire a specialist to deal with the fallout. The institutional investor is concerned, but they don’t really get involved. Their expertise lies in risk and return, not reputation.Now, imagine that the same investor gets thousands of its employees to continuously defend your reputation on social media. Imagine they include it as a condition of the investment, for free. You’ve just imagined crowdfunding.Monzo, the digital bank (which is actually more of a price comparison website), is this week carrying out the largest-ever crowdfunding round for a UK fintech, expecting to raise £20m. Most of the focus on crowdfunding in the UK has focused on

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Imagine you’re a small, fast-growing business. You attract £20m from a single, institutional...

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