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Further reading

Elsewhere on Wednesday,— The problem with people who think there’s a problem with asking banks to raise capital.— Blame secularism for America’s dysfunction.— Wren-Lewis: Brexit makes the economics of Scottish independence much more attractive.— Economic data for the UK’s combined authorities. Weep for the West Midlands.— Is IG (AA) Credit now a “free” put on the SP500?— The BBC interview dad speaks and adds yet more ‘aww’ to an already ‘aww’ situation. I mean, the ‘aww’ is at dangerously high levels now.— But don’t worry! We have yet another story that tries to explain Steve Bannon’s worldview.— Related: Zuckerberg defends Facebook’s all-white board by pointing out Peter Thiel likes Trump.— These reporters went to Turkey to interview Erdogan and all they got was a meeting with a conspiracy theorist who happened not to be Erdogan.— Beware strange texts bearing gifts if your iPhone is stolen.— Also, are you bewaring the gene editing technology Crispr? You should definitely be bewaring the gene editing technology Crispr.— Further watching and listening with Sesame Street and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.— Further, further reading.

Kadhim Shubber considers the following as important:

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Elsewhere on Wednesday,

— The problem with people who think...

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