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Markets live special: Janet Yellen presser edition

6:23 pm CG6:23pmHello! MCK6:23pmHowdy AS6:24pmHey everyone, welcome to the dovish rate hike ML 6:23 pm CG6:24pmRabble, show yourselves if you're there CG6:24pmSay hello Boncoeur Hello from England. MCK6:24pmHere is the statement https://www.federa...tary/20170315a.htm 6:24 pm MCK6:24pmAnd here are the latest projections https://www.federa...ojtabl20170315.pdf Brazzo Hello from Brazil AS6:25pmHi Boncoeur AS6:25pmSo Kashkari with the dovish dissent! 6:24 pm CG6:25pmOkay, so a few changes to the statement, besides the obvious raising of rates into the 3/4 to 1 percent corridor CG6:25pmBoncouer, brazzo, hello! Ken J Hello. How many hikes this year then? MCK6:26pmSome of the inflation language comes off as a bit more dovish. Look at the WSJ's track-changes document: ArthurDent42 Hello from Austin 6:25 pm AS6:26pmwho's ready to talk dots? AS6:26pm Boncoeur Equities jumped, like they always do, regardless hike or cut. CG6:26pmFed took out the line that "In light of the current shortfall of inflation from 2 percent...".

Alexandra Scaggs considers the following as important:

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Alexandra Scaggs
Alexandra Scaggs is a markets reporter for the Wall Street Journal in New York. She writes about the U.S. stock market and investment trends. She also covers the business of markets research, writing on the calls, personalities and moves of high-profile analysts and strategists. Ms. Scaggs graduated from Washington & Lee University with a degree in business journalism.

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