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Markets Live: Monday, 13th March, 2017

11:00 am PM11:00amMorning Arlington Morning all PM11:00amWelcome to Markets Live PM11:00amBang on time at 11am Otter Hello Net-chums 11:00 am PM11:00amHave today's pick PM11:01am PM11:01amThat's Amnon Shashua Twattington-Burbage Morning Otter Soundbuy Morgen....... 11:01 am PM11:01amFounder of Mobileye VV75 Amnon making bank PM11:01amWhich may well be about to be taken over by Intel CommentGoesHere Mornin' All PM11:01amMobileye big into driverless cars, of course 11:01 am PM11:02amStory broken in the Israeli press -- TheMarker Patience Happy Monday everyone. OnYourRight Morning all VV75 Should be Mammon as a first name after this deal.. PM11:02amHuge deal: chip giant Intel Autonomous vehicle enters and acquires Israel's Mobileye's largest acquisition ever by an Israeli company. Mobileye Has a market cap of $ 10.5 billion, according to market estimates, Intel will pay for all shares Mobileye amount of 16-15 billion dollars. The two companies are expected to announce the deal in the coming hours.

Paul Murphy considers the following as important:

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