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Markets Live: Tuesday, 14th March, 2017

11:00 am PM11:00amMorning PM11:00amWelcome to ML blankcanvas good morning Arlington Morning all PM11:00amMarkets Live 11:00 am PM11:01amLet's get a pic up CommentGoesHere Morning All PM11:01am PM11:01amA horse Soundbuy Morning..... 11:01 am PM11:01amBut not just any old horse Twattington-Burbage Morning PM11:02amFav in the Arkle Novice Chase today PM11:02amALTIOR littleclenches 2.10 Altior odds on fave2.50 Ibris Du Rheu 12/13.30 Moonracer 8/1E/W treble chopper bear Moon racer ? 11:02 am PM11:02amCos today is the first day of Cheltenham Chuck Norris Happy Cheltenham everybody! PM11:02amSo the bookies reckon this year is going to be "customer unfriendly" Nately Ahoy blankcanvas Apart from the stock exchange, Cheltenham is the great redistribution of Irish wealth on the track and at the poker tables at night PM11:03amLots of the top grade horses have pulled out cos of injury etc VV75 Is that de pub syndicate horse I've been reading about?

Paul Murphy considers the following as important:

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