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Markets Live: Friday, 10th March, 2017

11:01 am PM11:01amHi there Arlington Morning PM11:02amWelcome to Markets Live PM11:02amFriday Patience Morning all.. Otter Hello Friday Friends! blankcanvas Dia dhuit 11:02 am PM11:02amTony T pointed this out this morning Twattington-Burbage Morning PM11:02amBrian Winterflood: Diamond geezer To the PLC Awards at Park Lane’s Grosvenor House Hotel. Hosts PwC were still pink-cheeked from their Oscars scrape but had a decent line in self-mocking gags, including at one point producing two red envelopes with a flourish. Tributes were paid to Brian Winterflood, the East End-born entrepreneur turned City legend, who has retired after 60 years in the Square Mile. But having graciously accepted the adulation, Winterflood had a parting shot at Close Brothers, who bought his firm Winterflood Securities in 1993. The hall cringed as the octogenarian complained that no one from Close Brothers had sent him so much as a well-wishing card. Not so close after all.

Paul Murphy considers the following as important:

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