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Snap AV: Le Pen and euro redenomination risk, charted

That’s from Alberto Gallo at Algebris.His basic point is… don’t stress. With our emphasis in the bottom par:Even if Ms Le Pen wins, redenomination risk is low. In the FN’s Les 144 engagements présidentiels, Le Pen details her ambitions to target 2% GDP growth by 2018 partly through tax cuts to SMEs and individuals in lower-income brackets. More importantly, she also plans to renegotiate EU membership and to break the single-market with a tax on imports.We see a very low probability (14%) of Le Pen progressing on her Euro-exit agenda, even in the unlikely event of her winning both rounds of elections. For Le Pen to deliver on Frexit, she will need approval from France’s bi-cameral parliament. France’s parliament is split between the Assemblée Nationale and the Sénat. In theory, both houses need to pass legislation for it to become law, but in practice the final decision rests with the Assemblée Nationale. However, Le Pen’s FN party currently only has 2 of the 577 deputies in the Assemblée Nationale. The next elections for the Assemblée Nationale will take place on the 11th and 18th this June, but the latest poll suggests that FN is only likely to get 58-64 seats, still far short of a majority. Additionally, FN has no deputies in the Sénat. Only a third of Sénat deputies are up for re-election every three years.

David Keohane considers the following as important:

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