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Further reading

Elsewhere on Monday, – Gavyn Davies: What’s driving the global expansion?– Uber vs FedEx:The idea of Uber becoming a logistics magnate played an important role in the company’s valuation swelling to billion and was an key component of Kalanick’s own vision for the company. But those who worked on Rush say it’s failed to live up to its promise of becoming the big business Uber needs.– Jared Kushner for Fed Chair? Spoiler: It’s mostly Kevin Warsh bashing.– A Bloomberg longread on the remaking of Donald Trump.– Germany’s current account and global adjustment, redux.– Sell gold.– There is no such thing as a bad tick, silver’s recent ‘flash crash’ edition.– Chris Dillow on the crisis of postitive-sum capitalism.– Krugman: When was the golden age of conservative intellectuals?– Belated happy

David Keohane considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Alexandra Scaggs writes Thought for the weekend

Sujeet Indap writes Jonathan Knee explains 25 years of Wall Street’s evolution

Paul Murphy writes The Beaufort sting

Thomas Hale writes The green multiplier effect

Elsewhere on Monday,

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