Tuesday , April 24 2018
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Further reading

Elsewhere on Wednesday,– WannaCry and a relevant question: Why don’t they just update?– What connects Brexit, the DUP, dark money and a Saudi prince?– An epic trading tale from Norway.– Was Noble the silver seller?– From Levine’s linkwrap on PonzICO: “One innovation of the blockchain is that you can just say that your Ponzi scheme is a Ponzi scheme, and people will buy in anyway, because, you know, innovation.”– Noahpinion suspects that “quasi-hidden fees are a huge reservoir of financial dark matter — a giant slush fund that feeds many of the excesses in other areas of finance.”– Amazon’s rise, charted. And, more importantly, how Amazon is eating the world:This all said, I believe that Amazon is the most defensible company on earth, and we haven’t even begun to grasp the scale of its

David Keohane considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Alexandra Scaggs writes Thought for the weekend

Sujeet Indap writes Jonathan Knee explains 25 years of Wall Street’s evolution

Paul Murphy writes The Beaufort sting

Thomas Hale writes The green multiplier effect

Elsewhere on Wednesday,

– WannaCry and a relevant question:

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