Tuesday , April 24 2018
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Further reading

Elsewhere on Tuesday, – The NSA, Microsoft and WannaCry… blame the business model?– How Trump gets his fake news. Apparently “his staff have made a habit of slipping news stories on to his desk.”– And Lawfare blog with some initial, balanced, thoughts on the WashPo’s classified info Trump story.– How (absurd) noncompete clauses keep workers locked in. Again, these aren’t top level executives with bargaining power.– Felix Salmon with a few notes on Spotify’s potential direct listing. Levine good on this too.– Ray Dalio on ‘the big picture’.– Andy Mukherjee on the divergence between what India’s central bank says some banks’ NPAs are and what those (in this case private) banks say they are. Separately, a good Credit Suisse report laid out the numbers:Now Mukherjee does add that “the

David Keohane considers the following as important:

This could be interesting, too:

Alexandra Scaggs writes Thought for the weekend

Sujeet Indap writes Jonathan Knee explains 25 years of Wall Street’s evolution

Paul Murphy writes The Beaufort sting

Thomas Hale writes The green multiplier effect

Elsewhere on Tuesday,

– The NSA, Microsoft and WannaCry…

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