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Who’s banking whom in cryptoland?

On Monday, we brought you the story of TokenCard, the Ethereum-based venture set to revolutionise the world of payments by bringing crypto folk the, errr, power of the Visa network.Yes, you’re wondering, what’s so special about that? Doesn’t every above-board payment facilitator offer Visa access? You’re right. They do. And a card processed by Visa is hardly a breakthrough innovation worth shouting about here in the real world.But, you see, while access to the Visa network is taken as a given by us compliant statists, in crypto land it’s a rarity. Here users sit locked into paper profits that are very hard to liquidate in day-to-day convenient “spending” circumstances.The holy grail in cryptoland has thus for a long time been turning these coins into usable currency, the sort that doesn’t

Izabella Kaminska considers the following as important:

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On Monday, we brought you

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