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Dubai or bust for Baroness Bitcoin

The Times (plus a number of other publications) report on Wednesday that Baroness Mone, the model turned lingerie entrepreneur turned Cameron peer, will be launching a “£250m luxury property development in Dubai that will sell apartments in bitcoin, the digital currency”.What’s unique about the story is the bitcoin aspect, naturally. High-end property sales occur everyday. High-end property sales for bitcoin, not so much. Or so the narrative goes.The venture is further endorsed by Douglas Barrowman, Lady Mone’s partner, who tells the Times he has “watched bitcoin grow and been actively involved in it over the last couple of years” and that “the currency is here to stay.”All a fantastic endorsement for the currency of the future you would think. But is it? Is it really?To get to the bottom

Izabella Kaminska considers the following as important:

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Izabella Kaminska
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