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Busting the myth that bitcoin is actually an efficient payment mechanism

We’ve said it many times before.As an actual payments mechanism, bitcoin sucks.It’s expensive to use and getting ever more so. It can be slow and unpredictable. It’s complicated and very user unfriendly (computer nerds will dispute this, but in doing so show how detached they are from the everyday needs of the average population). It depends on untested third parties for usability even more so than conventional electronic money. It’s prone to hacking. It demands users read Reddit all day every day to keep up with the latest exchange, transaction and wallet updates. It passes way too much responsibility to the average user (even the well-educated lose passwords). It sucks on the energy efficiency front. Its volatility makes it a crappy medium exchange. And finally, if not foremost, the more

Izabella Kaminska considers the following as important:

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We’ve said it many times before.

As an actual payments mechanism, bitcoin...

Izabella Kaminska
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