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Opening Quote: Unilever is “Connected 3 Growth”

Unilever is “Connected 3 Growth”. FT Opening Quote, with commentary by Matthew Vincent, is your early Square Mile briefing. You can sign up for the full newsletter here. Unilever adheres to the 1990s rule of corporate strategy and parental text messages: try to use numbers for words, because that makes you appear modern, vital and dare one say ‘with it’. It’s ‘snazzy’. Hence, Unilever’s latest strategy is not called “Connected for Growth”, but “Connected 4 Growth”. Or “C4G”. Can U C what they did there?It’s not the only multinational down with the kids. T-Mobile first launched as One 2 One. Or was that The Spice Girls? Midlands Mobile Phones only took off after it offered Phones 4 U. It must have been the same story for Midlands Injury Lawyers. In fact, only yesterday, Reckitt Benckiser

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Unilever is “Connected 3 Growth”. FT Opening Quote, with commentary by...

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