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Retail hype vs retail facts

The decline in US retail employment this year might signal the start of a long-expected collapse, caused by automation and the unrelenting infiltration of e-commerce into the habits of the American household — or it might just be a temporary blip, the result of a modest slowdown in consumer spending growth.We don’t pretend to know. A recent note from Credit Suisse titled, appropriately enough, “Slight slowing, major metamorphosis”, at least helps to distinguish between fact and hype. From this and a few other useful reports we’ve come across lately, we present a few facts that help to understand the sector.1) The retail sector has lost jobs this year, but only a small fraction of its total.From Credit Suisse, our emphasis:The retail sector has lost 80K jobs in the past four months, but

Cardiff Garcia considers the following as important: ,

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The decline in US retail employment this year might signal the start of a long-expected...

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