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Podcast: Anne Case on mortality and morbidity in the 21st Century

[embedded content]Alphachat is available on Acast, iTunes and Stitcher.This week’s episode is a long, absorbing conversation with economist Anne Case, author of a blockbuster trilogy of papers on mortality and morbidity in the US. (The papers were co-authored by Angus Deaton, a previous Alphachat guest.)The first paper in the series was published in the summer of 2015, the second paper a few months after that, and the third paper was released just last month by Brookings.This research is best known for the startling discovery that middle-age mortality for American non-Hispanic whites had started climbing at the end of the 1990s after decades of progress, among other pessimistic trends. But the work goes much deeper than that, with Case and Deaton offering a tentative theory of “cumulative disadvantage” to explain their disturbing findings. The authors also investigate why these trends are affecting America but not European countries with similar socioeconomic characteristics.And finally, the work did lead to methodological disputes with other researchers and commentators, some more substantive than others.

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