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Podcast: Angus Deaton on his Nobel prize-winning career (encore)

[embedded content]Alphachat is available on Acast, iTunes and Stitcher.Season 3 of Alphachat starts next week, but today we’re re-upping a wonderful conversation we had with Angus Deaton in October 2015, just after he’d won the the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel — or just the economic Nobel, to the non-pedants among you.Further down is a time guide to the topics we discuss. And as we wrote at the time of the interview, several threads run consistently throughout his academic work and his writing (copied from our original post), including:— Persistent, repeated appeals to intellectual humility.The Nobel Committee writes in their summary of his work that he ends some of his early papers on consumer demand “in an agnostic way: we need more research

Cardiff Garcia considers the following as important: ,

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