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Markets Live: Tuesday, 5th December, 2017

11:02 am BE11:02amBloody hell, eh? BE11:02amAnd also, good morning. Welcome to Markets Live, FT Alphaville's daily w'ev. Soundbuy Morning........what's up? BE11:03amToday's portrait is: 11:02 am BE11:03am AAAA bonjour les amis ! BE11:03amAs per Politico: BE11:03amU.K. negotiators confirmed that a TV appearance by the party’s leader Arlene Foster — in which she declared “any form of regulatory divergence” separating Northern Ireland from the mainland was unacceptable — torpedoed the talks, but did not support the claim that she effectively threatened to bring down the government. Asked what caused the deal to collapse, one very senior U.K. negotiator said: “Look at what Arlene

Bryce Elder considers the following as important:

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