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Markets Live: Friday, 24th February, 2017

11:03 am BE11:04amHey! Hello, hi, good morning, welcome. man from dunoon morning erlkin top of ye morn A. M. Good morning. Patience Happy Friday. Don good morning Soundbuy Morgen..... BE11:04amThis is Markets Live, FT Alphaville's daily thing that other media struggle to explain in a short phrase. BE11:04amPaul's officially off this morning. Otter Hello Internet Friends DutchBrat good morning Longandwrong Ohayo gozaimasu!! Pseudonym Subax wanaagsan wayneJ Is this another edition of the Ethiopian Investors Chat? DutchBrat any comments on this gents: *RECON ALSO IN TALKS TO ACQUIRE U.K., U.S. INSURERS, XIA SAYS 11:04 am BE11:05amUnlike yesterday, when he went awol. He has a cold. Longandwrong Bit of man flu BE? BE11:05amWhich means I get to choose a picture! BE11:05amHere's a manatee. 11:05 am BE11:06am pfd Alex Masterly's City career began 30 years ago today.

Bryce Elder considers the following as important:

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Bryce Elder
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