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In Memoriam, Libor (1986-2021)

“Libor to End in 2021 as FCA Says Bank Benchmark Is Untenable” – Bloomberg News, 27/7/2017So. Farewell ThenLibor.You were theLondon InterbankOffered Rate.Three hundred and fiftyTrillionDollars, pounds, yenThat’s how muchMoney they sayYou benchmarked.But reallyNo one traded you.Not good for aBenchmarkIs it?You were a fraudLike tradersWho committedFraud using you.(Allegedly.)It was done for youBig Boy.But now youAre done for.J.A. Cotterill (30½)Related link:E.J. Thribb – Wiki Copyright The Financial Times Limited 2017.

Joseph Cotterill considers the following as important:

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Joseph Cotterill
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