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FirstFT – New York on high alert, 50 days that will shake the world and why you should let your kids get dirty

Sign up to receive FirstFT by email here New York City is on high alert after a suspicious device in neighbouring New Jersey exploded. The blast took place as a bomb squad was attempting to disarm one of five devices discovered in a backpack close to a train station in Elizabeth, New Jersey. The incident came after an explosion rocked Manhattan just hours before President Barack Obama and other world leaders were due to arrive in the city for annual meetings at the United Nations. Over the weekend there was also a mass stabbing at a mall in Minnesota that has been claimed by Isis, although police say there is no evidence the group actually planned the attack. The three incidents have raised fears of a terrorist campaign but police and officials remain cautious. Andrew Cuomo, New York governor, said early indications suggested the New York attack was not linked to Isis or any other international group. Here's what we know and do not know about the blast. (BBC, Guardian, FT, NYT) In the news Pro-Putin party poll sweep The ruling United Russia party has strengthened its hold on the Russian parliament. With 93 per cent of the vote counted, the party controlled 76 per cent of the seats in the Duma. The poll was marred by irregularities and the lowest turnout in President Vladimir Putin’s 17 years in power.

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