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FirstFT – Bayer closes in on $66bn deal, the Great British Firewall and the trend toward ‘gamifying’ cities

Sign up to receive FirstFT by email hereThe EU’s future will not be affected by Brexit, according to the EU Commission President. In his eagerly awaited State of the Union address, Jean-Claude Juncker urged European leaders not to let the UK’s vote to leave the union dominate the agenda and said that members needed to confront “galloping populism”, which he said was responsible for many of the bloc’s problems.Saying that many Europeans had “forgotten what it is like to be European”, Mr Juncker warned against hate crime, and raised the issue of a Polish man who was killed in the UK following the EU referendum. He also highlighted the union’s achievements, pointing out that eurozone members had saved some €50bn thanks to the European Central Bank’s low interest rate policies. (Politico, FT)In the newsAgribusiness blockbuster Bayer and Monsanto have agreed a bn takeover deal. The German company sweetened its offer for the US seed maker to just under 0 a share, people informed about the negotiations said. The deal is the latest in a series of transactions in the agrichemical industry, which produces the seeds and fertilisers needed to grow the food we eat. (FT) Record-breaking military deal The US and Israel have reached an agreement on the biggest global package of military aid that will see Israel receive bn over the next 10 years.

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