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Markets Live: Thursday, 15th December, 2016

11:02 am BE11:02amHey. Hello. Hi. Morning. J L Morning BE11:03amWelcome to Markets Live, FT Alphaville's daily typing and junk. Patience Good morning all. BE11:03amPortrait then. 11:03 am BE11:03am BarneyBear Morning. Today (or Tonight) is apparently the biggest day for office Xmas parties this year... BE11:03amBut don't look at it! BE11:03amSeriously. Don't. 11:03 am BE11:04amDon't click this link either! BE11:04amhttps://www.ispot....opdivo-longer-life Gross Loydman god morgen BE11:04amYou remember Opdivo, right? 11:04 am BE11:04amOr nivolumab, to give it its real name. Residual BMS's broken drug? CommentGoesHere Morning. I've seen that ad, it's the worst ever example of US pharma ads BE11:05amOne of those potential blockbuster immuno-oncology pills, or immunicorns. Pharma In what way is a drug not chemotherapy? BE11:05amIt's the one that failed a trial for first-line treatment against lung cancer a couple of months ago.

Bryce Elder considers the following as important:

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