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Markets Live: Tuesday, 13th December, 2016

11:01 am BE11:02amLook at the time! We need to get on. J L Morning BE11:03amWelcome. ML. AV's thing. Stocks going up and down. Typos. BE11:03amRubbish jokes. Occasional subject overlap between the right and left sides .... You know. We've been here long enough for you to know. twolegsgoodfourlegsbad Morning 11:03 am BE11:03amSpeaking of, have a portrait. BE11:03am [embedded content] BE11:03amIf you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you do read it, you're misinformed. Mouselet Morning, I guess 11:04 am BE11:04amHere at ML we feel we can provide both functions. BE11:04amBut anyway, let's get on. undefined 11:04 am BE11:05amAnd ... straight into the microcaps. Gulf Keystone Petroleum Ltd (GKP:LSE): Last: 145.21, up 18.21 (+14.34%), High: 147.00, Low: 124.00, Volume: 3.66m Patience Morning aal. BE11:05amThere's a bid story out there! cleverhedge Tui AG (TUI:LSE): Last: 1,058, up 7 (+0.67%), High: 1,061, Low: 1,049, Volume: 246.48k 11:40 am easyJet plc (EZJ:LSE): Last: 976.68, up 6.68 (+0.69%), High: 987.00, Low: 964.00, Volume: 652.

Bryce Elder considers the following as important:

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