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How Much Is The Average MLB salary?

See Average MLB salary at .17 million, down 4.8% from 2019.The article mentions that there were 902 players on Opening Day rosters. It also shows payroll for all teams.So I added all that up (,825,147,026) and divided by 902 and got .24 million. I don't know why there is a difference.The article also mentions "the average likely was lowered slightly by the expansion of active rosters to 26, which probably caused teams to add 30 players making near the 0,500 minimum."I multiplied 30 times 0,500 and got ,115,000. Then I subtracted that from the total payroll of ,825,147,026. That left ,808,032,026. That is total payroll without the one extra player (at a low salary) on each team.Taking those guys out leaves 872 players. Then ,808,032,026/872 gives us an average

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