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Increasing droughts and floods on the African continent

18 days ago

By Tamara WhiteOn October 6, the World Bank Group released the October edition of its Africa’s Pulse report, its biannual macroeconomic analysis for sub-Saharan Africa. This edition of the report focuses on climate change adapation and its impact on economic transformation in sub-Saharan Africa as well as highlights the devastation caused by related deaths across the region.
Notably, write the authors, while the world’s mean surface temperature continues to rise, Africa’s has risen at an even faster pace. Indeed, the year 2020 was the fourth-warmest year for the African continent since the year 1910. The rises in temperature and changes in rainfall patterns have led to the increase in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events across the continent. In fact, natural disasters

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Africa in the news: Morocco-EU trade, politics, and vaccine updates

24 days ago

By Tamara WhiteEU-Morocco trade deals annulled
The European Union’s Court of Justice announced on Wednesday, September 29 that it had annulled two trade deals with Morocco over concerns related to the territory of Western Sahara. The court indicated that Morocco has not obtained the consent of the Sahrawi people of the disputed territory and ruled on the side of the Polisario Front, a group fighting for Western Saharan independence that had filed a case on behalf of the region’s inhabitants. The verdict invalidates a previous decision reached by the European Council in 2019 to permit the North African nation to export goods from resource-rich Western Sahara to the European Union.
Despite the court’s ruling to cancel the trade agreements, which cover trade in agriculture and fishing, it

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Africa in the news: Vaccine, energy, and climate change updates

September 18, 2021

By Tamara WhiteNew South African tech transfer hub to replicate Moderna vaccine
A tech transfer hub in South Africa established in June aims to replicate, with the aid of Moderna, the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, according to a senior official with the World Health Organization. Moderna said in October 2020 that it would not enforce patents on its vaccine during the pandemic, but talks between the tech transfer hub and Moderna about disclosing the formula and the manufacturing process have yet to make significant progress. Regardless of whether the hub can rely on Moderna for assistance, the hub must still undertake requisite clinical trials, meaning it would not be able to distribute vaccines until the second half of 2022.
This new effort will supplement South Africa’s current production

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Liberia improves in economic opportunity but still tax mobilization, infrastructure, and business environment struggle to see gains

September 16, 2021

By Tamara WhiteGood governance—according to the Mo Ibrahim Foundation, the provision of political, social and economic public goods and services that every citizen has the right to expect from their government—has been more crucial than ever before due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Indeed, good governance has been vital in ensuring that citizens are protected from any devastating impacts. It includes aspects of citizens’ participation, rights and inclusion, security and rule of law, human development, and economic opportunity.
To more deeply delve into these issues, on August 26, Brookings Africa Growth Initiative Senior Fellow and Director Aloysius Uche Ordu joined Jeanine Cooper, Liberia’s minister of agriculture; Bioma S. Kamara,  former minister of finance; Mawine G. Diggs, Liberia’s

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