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Biden’s Great Game

18 days ago

Considered in isolation, some of the Biden administration’s recent decisions on sanctions and transatlantic diplomacy may seem overly accommodating. But looming over everything – including Biden’s upcoming European tour – is the pursuit of a united Western policy to deal with an increasingly aggressive China.

STANFORD – Joe Biden is about to embark on his first trip to Europe as US president. After a G7 summit in England, he will attend a NATO summit in Belgium and then a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. But while Europe will serve as the locale, the focus ultimately will be on China, because Biden’s strategic priority is to marshal a united Western response to Chinese behavior.

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America First, Biden-Style

May 5, 2021

Does US President Joe Biden want a dynamic America, open to the world, or Donald Trump’s anxious America, suspicious and contemptuous of others? Until Biden offers a bold gesture to exorcise the spirit of Trump from US foreign policy, his hopes of restoring American global leadership are likely to be disappointed.

STANFORD – If America’s allies were concerned by President Joe Biden’s remarks on foreign policy in his address to Congress on April 28, they had every right to be. Although Biden’s domestic economic agenda could not have been less Trumpian – higher taxes on the wealthy and a substantial expansion of the social safety net – the foreign policy he outlined was not all that different from his rococo predecessor’s “America

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The Macron Factor

April 15, 2021

Between Brexit and German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s looming departure, there is no longer any question that Joe Biden’s top European ally will be French President Emmanuel Macron. But the Biden administration must act fast to seize the opportunity – and that means shoring up Macron’s support at home.

STANFORD – In French President Emmanuel Macron, the United States has the best ally it could hope for in the Élysée Palace. In fact, Macron may now be the only US allied leader with a genuine liberal-internationalist worldview to match that of US President Joe Biden.

Build Back the State


Is Stagflation Coming?

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Vaccines Can Mend US-EU Ties

March 15, 2021

There is no doubt about US President Joe Biden’s desire to revitalize ties with Europe, which is why his administration must help the Europeans in their moment of need. The fastest way to do this – and to strengthen the transatlantic relationship – is US-European joint production of vaccines in Europe.

STANFORD – Strange as it may sound, vaccines are now the key to reviving the transatlantic relationship. Former President Donald Trump’s “America First” administration had left ties between the United States and its European allies badly frayed. So, in his address to the Munich Secutiry Conference in February, President Joe Biden thought it best to reaffirm America’s support for Article 5 of the North Atlantic Treaty: an attack on

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