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When Gender Bias Creates Unequal Health Systems

August 13, 2019

From #MeToo to gender identity, the zeitgeist has never been more amenable to shattering stereotypes and correcting wrongs. Yet health care remains stuck in the past. Asha George, Chair of Health Systems Global, describes how discrimination in health systems can create dangerous gaps in care.

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Taming the Wild West of Digital Health Innovation

June 11, 2019

Digital innovations in health hold significant promise – and imply serious risks. Only with a clear-eyed assessment of a new technology – including who is responsible for it and who could be left behind if it is deployed – can we ensure that the digital revolution delivers on its promise to improve global health.

CAPE TOWN – Digital technology is revolutionizing our daily lives. Mobile devices monitor our movements, marketing algorithms guide our consumption, and social media shape our worldviews and politics. While such innovations have their advantages, they also carry significant risks, including potentially widening existing inequalities within our societies. This prospect is particularly

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